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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Should I come back?

When you save, you have something to spend. Yes, that's what I did for the past 3 months. And I am happy to say that finally, I have my new camera for my blog. I know this worth not that much but I am very proud of myself that I can buy gadgets now that came from my hard earned money.

I already told ya guys that I need to stop buying things which I don't really need so I can buy a new android phone and new camera. Last year I finally had my braces last October, and got my new cheap android phone last December.

And now, after 3 months, I have my new compact digital camera that I can use again for my blog. Saving money is really worth it!

But I am still thinking if I should pursue blogging. Are you guys going to read my new posts? Hmmm. . Should I continue this thing? I just wanted to hear your thoughts :)


  1. naman sis! <3 balik balik din!

  2. Why not? Sayang you already have the camera. And parang mas madami akong nababasang blogs ngayon reviewing high-end products. Aside from Beauty on a Shoestring Budget, your blog comes to mind when I need my drugstore fix.

  3. I think your reason for buying a digital camera is to take good shots of products you want to review so what's the use of the camera if you won't come back? :) Congrats on your new phone and cam!

  4. Hi ate :) okay lang naman mawala paminsan minsan tulad ko :D hahaha. wala na rin kasi ako mareview na product. Pero ate miss kita. :)

  5. Thank you girls for the encouragement. Love you all!


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