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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Frosted Midnight

Hello guys, I just want to make this post quick and easy.
During my recent haul, I bought this nail polish and decided to wear it for this week and voila! 
I was very much impressed with it's output.

And the good news is that, this nail polish cost P20.00 only. Isn't it amazing?
Wanna know what the nail polish is, keep on reading below!

The color is frosted but it is very opaque.
You will like it even on it's first coat.

Here it is without flash.

And this nail polish is from one of my favorite cheap brand called:
 It's from Sassy Nail Colors!

And in the shade FROSTED MIDNIGHT.

I hope you can try this out soon.
It really makes your nails look so fabulous and expensive.
Just top it off with your favorite top coat and your done!

Shout-out to: Bea R. Thanks sweet for liking my nail art designs! You're the best!

Happy Weekend!


  1. ang ganda be,sosyal ng color!

  2. ang ganda ng kulay! ang sosyal at classy ng shade! ^_~

  3. Very pretty. You look good in royal blue.

  4. I knew it!! Kaya pala familiar ang color! I have this one too and I can say na it's one of my favorites!!! Super ganda ng kulay... Tapos bagay pa sa long nails mo. hmp tampo ako bakit di ganyan nails ko. T.T hehe!

  5. I love our local nail polishes din! Hehe. Super cheap at super ganda ng colors.

  6. Ang ganda ng color! Does it stay on well? :)



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