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Friday, September 6, 2013

August makeovers!

I've been very busy last month. I think August was the most stressful month of the year for me.What made me busy? Well, aside from managing our online shop, I also had some gigs ( I mean makeup clients) which tested my makeup skills to bits. So I am sharing with you my creations.

Here's my cousin and her friend. She asked me if I can do her makeup for their acquaintance party (for free of course). Since they don't require to wear something elegant, I opted for a subtle smokey eyes and pink/nude lips.

Here is Carol before and after her makeover.

And here is Jaime after her makeover. Methinks that she looks like Glaiza De Castro after. What do you think?

And here they are:
(There's a bit of white cast on their faces, but after few minutes, the Revlon Colorstay Foundation oxidized and fits the shade of their faces)

I also have a bride client. But I don't have a good quality picture of her during her wedding and the prenuptial. So I am just sharing with you this picture of her during the prenuptial photo shoot that I've got from  Love and Arts Studio.

 This is Rosy without any makeup on:

And this is her after the makeover:
What do you guys think? Okay ba? 

I also have done several changes on my hair last month. I've been wanting the ombre hair. But since I can't go to expensive salon, DIY is the best way to achieve it. LOL (kuripot mode).

This is my old hair color:

Of course, I use my the trusted Bremod Hair color. I bought two different hair color and thought that it will work. I put the lighter one at the ends of my hair, and wishing it will give me the ombre brownish hair. But it didn't.

So here's my hair after the FAIL ombre.
 I know, the application was uneven. I was the only one who applied the hair color. Hihihi.

And here it is after 6 days:

This is how it looks like on natural lighting.

A week past, I asked my brother to buy me a bleaching powder to really lighten the ends of my hair (hopefully gumana ang experiment). Then voila! It worked! Bleaching powder is the key in achieving ombre hair.

This is how it looks like after bleaching my hair.

I know, I did a lot of torture to my hair. I don't care! Hahaha I actually still hate it because it looks like "tanso". So I am planning to color the bleach part hair with an "ashy blonde" hair color to lessen the "copperish" color. I am going to update you guys once I am done with it.

So as for now, that's everything that I can share with you.

Hopefully, when my adrenaline kicks me to do a product review, I will first make a review on Revlon Colorstay Foundation which I really really love!

Hope you guys are having a good day
Stay safe.


  1. Beautiful!! I love your hair's colour!


  2. You did a pretty good job on the makeovers..

  3. You should bleach it once again if you want lighter color and let the bleach sit for a long time

  4. you are so good with the makeovers jenny :) please give me one haha ^^ and if you can post a tutorial on how to ombre your hair when you decide to make it more ashy blond :D

  5. Oh wow, you're so good at doing makeovers, they all look amazing! You hair look really great with ombre by the way, great job! :)

    Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
    Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin'

  6. They all look so beautiful! Love the makeovers :) Just discovered your blog, btw. I love it :D

  7. Di ka ba natakot na matunaw yung buhok mo after ng "torture" hehehe I've never tried coloring my hair eh di ko alam kung babagay...

  8. Hi I’m Maryn,

    Thank you for that wonderful blog post. Great Job !!!
    This makeover turn good and beautiful , i love Jaime make over.. specially the nose line you did and how become round shape her eye's.
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