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Friday, October 4, 2013

Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara

Hala! I don't recall ever posting any reviews about mascara! Anyare?! Haha, anyway since I have tried few mascaras lately, let me share with you the mascara that I am currently using.

I have chinky eyes, so no need to explain and describe how thin and sparse my eyelashes are. In short, I hate that I don't have those long eyelashes like my brothers have (hahaha). So mascara is a must have for me! It really brightens up my eyes and drastically change my look (naks!).

I am currently using this Almay One Coat Triple Effect Mascara. I included before and after pictures so you could tell if the mascara is great or not.

Brand : Almay
Price : P350.00 
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This is my first time to try a product from Almay Cosmetics. You can check it out HERE for more info about Almay.
As of the packaging, I really love its color. It's super clean and made up of thick plastic. I also love the silver line on the cap of the mascara. It looks expensive.
I chose the blackest black. It also comes with shade black and black brown.
What it promise is that it will make your eyelashes 
fuller, longer, curvier lashes in one coat for 100% pure impact. The patented triple action gel formula instantly builds, extends and sculpts your lashes. Triple Impact Brush wraps mascara evenly around every lash in one smooth application. Gently formulated with aloe and vitamin B5 to help keep lashes conditioned. Extra gentle, non irritating formula. 

Here's how the wand looks like:

Unlike other mascara, this one has this kind of wand. A flat on the other side, and a little bit longer on the other side.
Some said that the shorter side is for volumizing, while the longer side is for lengthening.

Pictures below will show how the mascara works.
I did not curl my eyelashes.
Please excuse the pictures, they look super texturized 
(I really don't know why, it seems like the blogger roughen my pictures after I uploaded it here )

My left eye has hooded eyelids. But you can see that the mascara does a wonder job in curling my eyelashes.

(Ang pangit talaga ng picture, para akong nagiging zombie hahaha!)

Anyway, what I love about the mascara is that:
- It lengthens my lashes
- It curls my lashes
- It isn't hard to remove
- It adds volume to my lashes
- Doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes
- Good for contact lenses wearer
- It doesn't smudge that much (given that I have oily lids and teary eyes)

Downside is:
- It's not waterproof
- It clumps
- It has wet formula
(you have to wait for few seconds until it dries up)
- It doesn't separate lashes that much
- Raccoon eyes is very minimal

 Nonetheless, I still love the mascara because it doesn't irritate my eyes. I also love the fact that it actually lengthens and volumize my lashes even without curling my eyelashes. My dad saw me wearing the mascara and he asked me if I was wearing falsies. My friend also bought one, and she really love it. Here's our picture wearing the mascara:
This is my friend wearing the mascara.

Here is me wearing it too:

What can you say about the mascara? 
Or have you ever tried something from Almay?

Let me hear your thoughts through your comments.

Thanks for reading.

Mwuah <3

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  1. havent tried anything from almay ^^ but im glad to hear that you like it and doesnt irritate your eyes. if you want to look for waterproof mascaras maybe you want to check the maybelline mascaras they are really good and on same price range :D you might like it too


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