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Monday, July 9, 2012

Zips Shoes:First Interchangeable sneakers!

Cost: P1,830.00 
(Originally at P3,555)
Bought: Free
Where: ZipzShoes via Multiply
Shipping Fee: Free
Okay, I admit it, I am a shoe lover slash shoe addict. Hence, when I was in grade 2, I started wearing sandals / heels for special occasions or event at school.

And I started loving them more when I was in high-school. And when I reached college days, when we were allowed to wear whatever shoes / sandals that we want, I always wear high heeled shoes. And even now, working as an office girl, high heels have been my dear bestfriends. I find happiness every time I wear them. But honestly, high-heeled shoes are not COMFORTABLE, there's a saying goes "Tiis ganda", yes you have to endure the pain when you are walking and those calluces that you might get specially when you're shoes are new. And yet, it will get worse when you knew that your new pair of high-heels will suddenly gives you a lot of pain after walking on it for just an half an hour or the worst thing is, when (mapipilay ka pa pag natapilok ka). I'm guilty of compromising COMFORT whenever I see gorgeous pair of high heels.
That's why I told myself, when will be the time that I will look for something else that will give comfort on my feet? Why shouldn't I give it a try to change my style and go for a bit ragged look? Then I make up my mind and said to myself that I will soon buy a pair 
(when I have money na) of sneakers / rubber shoes, so whenever I will be at the field, no more pain and calluces! 
Good thing is, ZIPZ shoes came to my way! Multiply was so generous to give 3 pairs to 3 persons last time they had their promo, and fortunately, I am one of the winners!
(Sorry, it took so loooong before I was able to post a review about the shoes, I waited for the day that I can wear the shoes so I can tell it to you guys if the shoes are comfortable or not).

Well anyway here it is. The shoes arrived at home last June 16,2012. I wasn't the one who received this since I am on my way to TBJ Meet and Greet at the moment that it has arrived. So it was mom who received the packaged, the courier even told her that  our house are too far away from the city and it was his first time to reached our town! (lol, we live in Rizal kuya, sorry!).
The shoe box is very thick, which is a must so the shoes will not be deformed.

Tentenenen. Fresh from the box!
 More pictures:
I chose this Dragon Roze Slip On adult.
 The zipper :) What an amazing idea right?

 The back view, I really love the "Z" logo there!

Closer look to the design.

The logo at the insole.

 Isn't it amazing that even the out sole has embellishment?

The zipper :)

Here's how it looks like when worn:

It's moi, looks so haggard! This was after work. It's my second time wearing the shoes! See I am not wearing socks here, and take note, I did not get any blisters or any foot ache :)

It has  interchangeable cover in white, which I can use alternately with the Dragon Roze cover. When I wanted to be simple and plain I'll go for the white cover, but when I wanted to look more chic and add some details on my outfit I'll definitely go with the Dragon Roze cover!

Changing my shoe cover!

Gross! Hehe, ang dumi yata ng paa ko nung sinuot ko sya. Anyway, here's how it looks like when the shoe cover was removed.

Washing instructions at the back of the shoe cover.

Guide on changing the cover:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

My shoe size and shoe info:

Chart size

If you are asking about my honest opinion about the shoes, it is COMFORTABLE, COOL and UNIQUE. No need for me to wear socks. Honestly saying, when I was riding on the jeepney, some of the passengers even the college student near our office can't stop looking at my shoes. I know it was their first time to see this kind of shoes. And yeah, i feel so mayabang, pero a little lang naman. hehe I feel cool whenever I wear this, cause it's unique naman talaga. And very practical to use because the covers are washable! Which is a must since we are experiencing rainy season.

Yes! I do recommend it to everyone. To students, workers or anyone. If you want to be more unique with this interchangeable shoes, go for it! You will definitely love this shoes! And take note, even famous celebrities in U.S wear this like:
Glee Star Harry Shum
American Idol, David Archuleta
Wizards of Waverly Place Maria Canals
Twilight cast Jackson Rathbone
Cool right?

Want to have one? Shop here:

To get more updates like Zips Shoes on Facebook:

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*Zipz shoes are still having their 50% sale on shoe cover and zipz shoes for toddler, youth and adult. Grab yours now and get ready to kick some serious booty!

Just wanted to say "Thank you!" again Zipz shoes for letting me discover this shoes, and yes, of course through, Ms.Maurice who manage the account of the Zipz Shoes here in the Philippines, "Thank you very much". This shoes just came right on time! 
I really love the shoes and helps me to relax my feet whenever I get tired wearing high-heels. 
Thank you!

I am not paid nor sponsored by the said product to make this review. All the things that I have stated above are base on MY OWN Observations  and HONEST Opinions.

Yours truly,


  1. :) nice review. I love sneakers specially vans it looks the same as zips.. Ang maganda jan you can change the cover :)) hala. I want to have one kaso ang mahal naman.. Hahaha.

  2. Cool sneakers! How could people think of such cool innovations? Amazing! Nice review btw!

    Just like you, I'm a nail art and makeup lover too. Follow me at :))

    God bless!

  3. you're so lucky talga for contests. Nakaktuwa na interchangeable siya :) I think I've never seen anything like this.

  4. wow.. nice shoes!!! sayo ko lang to nakita =) hihi.. dear thanks for commenting on my page =)

  5. wow.. nice shoes!!! sayo ko lang to nakita =) hihi.. dear thanks for commenting on my page =)

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