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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review : Maybelline Moisture Extreme in Sangria Red (910)

Here's another lip product review. This is my first time to try the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick. I did not know that it was already discontinued. And I didn't even notice the manufacturing date. But don't worry, though it was dated 2008, and we are now 2012, I've been using this for almost 10 times, and still, I am breathing. And I think the product is not yet expired. Maybe you are all wondering how I got this, my neighbor sell this to me for only P80.00. I really wonder why did Maybelline discontinued this product. They're just wrong! Wanna know why, hear my thoughts by reading more below.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme (910) in Sangria Red

The packaging is really nice. It comes with the shiny red and silver tube.

This is how the product looks like. 

Now the swatches:

Again and again, I am not sure about its undertone. But it seems like it has plum undertone. Uggh, just correct me guys on the comment box if you have any idea if how it looks like on you.

As you can see, the consistency is creamy. It may look shiny but it isn't actually in personal. It is 50 % satin and 50% matte. And there is something special with its formula that I never experience from all of the lipstick that I ever tried (kala mo naman ang dami ng natry e no?)


Left - Right:
EB ScarletNyx RoseSophie Martin Red Pepper, Maybelline Sangria Red 

The lipstick itself feels smooth on lips. And I am very much impressed with its pigmentation and consistency. It gives you a nice shine on lips but not too much. The texture of the lipstick is thin but the pigmentation is so great! It's neither sticky nor heavy when applied in 2 or more layers and it really moisturized your lips so you don't have to apply lipbalm underneath!

This has 4.1./5 rate on ebay. And upon reading the reviews, majority is that they really love the lipstick. You can click the link to know more if how good the lipstick is. And I am too, I just love this! I just wish that my neighbor have different shades but this is the only shade that she was selling.

The Pro's and Con's:
Sorry guys, but I don't have a nice picture wearing the lipstick. I only cropped a picture of mine:

And of course FOTD wearing it:
Say hi to my mom! Nyahaha and to my white cast pes!

And that's it!
What do you think guys, they shouldn't discontinued this right?
Does the shade looks good on me?

Next post will be an OOTD, finally!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Valentina! I'm glad that you liked my blog. Thanks for following! I will surely follow you back!

  2. Aww pretty shade! Bagay sayo sis. :) Hindi masyadong bagay sa akin ang red kahit medyo fair yung skin tone ko eh. :( I also use lipsticks kahit sobrang tagal na ang manufacturing date. I don't find it harmful (in my case). Hindi kasi sensitive lips ko sa ganon. =) may camera kana sis?? :D

    1. Talaga? Feeling ko kasi hindi bagay sa akin ang pagkared nya. Maybe you are not use into it. Hehe we're the same! Hindi naman siguro tayo matotodas sa expired a lipstick. Wala pa ko camera sis. hehe I'll update you once I have a new one na! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I love it! It is my kind of red, but I have yet to give it a try.. but since it is discontinued as you said, I might not be able to :(

    1. Really sis? Oo nga e, pero I think they still have the other shades, those which are not discontinued. You can try it since Maybelline offers a wide range of colors.

  4. Hey! Sale ang maybelline ngayon. I bought one of their lasting lipsticks, originally 399, 297 na lang :)

    1. Oo nga sis, 30% yata. Make a review! Haha, I am still onhold e (yung budget) pero once pwede na ako gumastos I'll buy mascara naman!

  5. Hey Jenny, thanks for sharing! :D Just a thought, whenever I read "sangria" I always remember Enkantadia (did I spell that right?), yung show sa GMA before :D

    1. You're very much welcome. And thanks for dropping by too! Haha same here, mala fairytale ang sound ng sangria! :D

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